Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some typical uses for this imagery?
1. Include an aerial in a LoopNet listing.
2. If you have properties listed on your website, include an oblique aerial for each property.
​3. Email the pictures to potential buyers.
4. Use the imagery in your pdf marketing packages.
5. Place the pictures into your printed marketing materials.
6. Have Kinkos put a photo on poster board to hang on a wall.
7. Show the pictures on the bigscreen in the confrence room.

Q: How can I label the pictures, or outline the subject property?
A: The imagery ships with a photo editor called FastStone.  

     Or use an editor you're already familiar with, such as PhotoShop.

Q: How is this imagery better than what's available online for free?  
     Google imagery works just fine for me.

A: The imagery available on GoogleMaps and elsewhere is great imagery, and there are countless

      applications for which it is well suited. One thing vertical imagery lacks however, is "wow factor". 
      When marketing a commercial property, vertical imagery will never be able to compete with
      oblique aerials when it comes to presenting the site in an interesting, natural, and attention-grabbing
      manner.  Below, you will see a couple pictures from our Austin dataset, alongside the GoogleEarth
​      imagery from the same area.

Q: Are there restrictions on how I can use the imagery?
A: You may use the imagery however you need to. We ask that you not re-sell the imagery.

Q: In what format are the pictures?
A: The imagery comes to you in eight-megapixel JPEG format.

Q: How soon can we expect delivery?
A: Upon purchase, you will receive a link to an ftp site, from which you can download your imagery.  
You can expect this link to arrive within 24 hours, although ten minutes is more typical.  If you opted to receive the imagery on USB flashdrive, you can expect that to arrive within three business days.  During this period, you will still have access to the same exact imagery on the ftp site.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: If you are not satisfied with the imagery or find that it's not useful to you, we'll refund your purchase immediately, and you may keep the pictures.

Q:How far can you zoom into the image before it becomes blurry?
A: Find a detailed discussion on this topic HERE .

Q: Do you have imagery for any other markets?
A: We currently have imagery for the four largest markets in Texas.  Click HERE 

Q: Is it possible to purchase the imagery on a USB flashdrive?
A: Once you have purchased the dataset, you may opt to have a flashdrive delivered to you.
      Click HERE.